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Sea Gold Shipping

Seafarer’s recruitment company​ in Chittagong.

The Department of Shipping, Ministry of Shipping, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh has issued a Seamen Recruiting Agent license no. MLA -063  in favour of our company named Sea Gold Shipping Services. As a government approved agent presently,

Recruitment & Placement

We are at the responsibility of recruiting well trained seafarers’ for you and take hold of everything from their joining to their sign off.

Visas Assistance

Visa issuance depends on the bilateral agreement of the joiners’ country and the joining vessel’s country.

Crew Training

Crews are well trained from National maritime institute for 6 months. Afterwards they are ranked under rating academies.

Crew travel arrangements

The crews join their allotted vessels by reaching their destination on scheduled flights. The arrangements for their joining depend on the principal’s policy.

Vessel management & ownership changeover

We are initiating to increase our arena of business to smooth changeover of vessels.

Other Services

We are more focused to achieving Crewing and manning impeccability in all possible ways. And so we are adhering to this for the time being.

Leading Crewing & Ship Manning Agency in Bangladesh

Sea gold shipping services is one of the leading crewing & ship manning countries in Bangladesh due to its sophisticated anticipation of skilled seafarers onboard. We choose the best ones for the best output and best assistance. We endeavor to hit the leadership board to attain alliance with the principals we work with forming affluent business collaboration.

Our Features

More than 1300 Seafarers application is available at our database.

Main Strength of Sea Gold Shipping is the blend of professionals, specialized and highly focused team. Increasing customer’s awareness is the strength of our company. You will choose us because –

  1.   We care for your dreams.
  2.    We engage the right professional hands to the right place.
  3.    We are well concerned about the value of time.
  4.    We offer the same expertise but at a low expense.
  5.    We are perfect at documentation.
  6.    We are very smart to manage any unexpected situation.
  7.    We don’t compromise with the quality.
  • Sea Gold Shipping Services is a member of DOS CMLA – 063. It supports the IMO’s objective of achieving safe, secure and efficient shipping on clean oceans.


  • Sea Gold Shipping Service is also certified by BUREAU VERITAS (BV), for compliance with the requirement of MLC-2006.


We offer a high quality service which meets the increasing pressure for profitable vessels.

This is part of our well-established global crewing business which supplies seafarers of all ranks and grades across vessel types.

What experience do you have in the marine sector?

We supply crew to companies working for both UK and continental operators.

What types of crew can you supply?

All ranks and grades; Masters, Engineers, Deckhands etc, we can also provide Turbine Technicians. All our seafarers have deep sea experience providing you with additional skills.

How quickly can you supply crew?

We thrive on short lead times. From receiving your phone call to getting crew on their way to you can be as little as 24 hours.

Do you have fixed contract periods?

No, we offer flexible contracts to suit your needs and there is no minimum contract period.

Do you arrange payment of Seafarers’ salaries?

Yes we do and we also resolve any issues that may occur.

Who pays travel, accommodation and flag state certification?

We ask our clients to pay for the above but we are happy to arrange at cost.

Head Office

House No: 13, Road No: 03, Lane: 05, Block: K, Halishahar, Chittagong-4216, Bangladesh.


+880 1827 566485,
+880 1750 297309

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Get in touch, Our Support team reply back within 24 hrs